Social architecture

After acclaimed exhibitions all over the world – from New York to Japan via Milan – Rotterdam-based artist, social architect and classical pianist Dré Wapenaar brought his incredible participatory performance space, ‘Tent Village Revisited’ to Port Eliot.

ProjectBase, Cornwall’s contemporary art commissioning agency, in collaboration with Port Eliot Festival invited artist Dré Wapenaar to show ‘tentvillage-revisited’ at the festival.

Clustered together like a colony of woodland mushrooms, the rounded shapes and light and airy structures of ‘tentvillage-revisited’ were intended to encourage communal conversations and interactions as well as a place to chill out with fellow festival-goers. Igloo-like, canvas tents in warm earth tones were arranged on multi-level platforms. They formed both an autonomous sculpture and a functioning campsite containing elements of open and enclosed space.

Perfect for the laid back feel of Port Eliot, ‘tentvillage-revisited’ was open for talks, performances and quiet, individual reflection. With his hand-built designs for pavilions and tents, Dré was interested in the social architecture of communal space. Working at the crossroads of visual art, design, and architecture, his environments were designed to shape encounters – whether between individuals, small or large groups.



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