Kite farm offers parasailing while producing energy for the adventurous sort


Eco Park uses kites to generate wind energy.

Combining art and adventure with energy generation sounds like a fantastic idea. For that reason kites would be a welcome substitute to simple, rustic and robust look of a wind mill if these help in enhancing the artistic beauty besides making energy generation an exciting activity. Colombian landscape architecture studio Paisajes Emergentes has unveiled plans for an energy generating kite farm on a public beach in Abu Dhabi under the Land Art Generator Initiative.


The plan visualizes over 200 kites tethered across a 60-meter grid of flexible posts that correspond to tide levels. The kites would use an innovative wind belt generator to covert wind into enough electricity to power over 600 homes. Each kite can produce roughly 6,200 kilowatt-hours a year — enough to power three energy-efficient homes.

kitepark 3

It doesn’t end there for the eco-park also makes space for a bit of fun and adventure along with power generation. The park visitors can enjoy parasailing by harnessing themselves to the kite and take pleasure in checking out the beach views as well.

kitepark 4
kitepark 5


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