From waste to Architecture

Atema Architecture created a table embedded with seeds, triggering the structure to disintegrate and eat itself as the plants begin to thrive. Redstr/Collective VS Kao made a chair from woven construction site materials, while Miyakawa offered a new type of take out container, one that can be stacked and re-used to create multiple configurations of furniture. Mio asked designers to come up with new uses for their Loop product, sheets of printed Tyvek, which can be cut, folded or sewn. Among the winning ideas were Melissa MacNair’s multipurpose Origami Organizers and Megan Talley’s flexible shelving.

Atema Architecture‘s Auto-Cannibalistic Table.

Redstr/Collective VS Kao’s CAMPstyle Lounge Chair.

Takeshi Miyakawa‘s Furniture To Go.

Melissa MacNair’s Origami Organizers made from MIO Loop.

Megan Talley’s shelving made from MIO Loop.


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