Brown CLOUD installation is comprised of 5000 plus light bulbs that brighten up the night.

Brown’s art project is comprised of functioning and burnt out light bulbs that she collected from public donations, which she advertised for in a local newspaper and on her website. The incandescent bulbs were then grouped together to make bulbous spheres that would form the puffy appearance of a cloud. What is different about the Caitlind r.c Brown CLOUD installation is its interactive qualities. Viewers are able to tug on the strings dangling below causing the lights to flicker on and off, as if the cloud were participating in an electrical storm. The beauty of the art piece is how Brown creates a green footprint by recycling the light bulbs that would otherwise be thrown away, while optimizing working bulbs to create a spectacle of lights for viewers to enjoy.

CLOUD Installation

CLOUD Installation 3

CLOUD Installation 2


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