The giving tree

Made from reused trunks, some volunteers from the collective BauFachFrau  installed in different parts of Berlin some functional and green stands for urban books. The initiative, which involved the social network BookCrosing book exchanges, aimed to create a sustainable urban furniture combining it with the promotion of reading in public space.

The kiosks, called Book Forest, are made ​​by artisans. To pierce the cells and to make possible depositing books of different sizes,  the selected specimens had to have the sufficient size, thus its stability is achieved on the slightly raised platform where they are located. Grouped in threes, these are fixed with screws imitating a forest of trees.

Visitors can open the plastic flaps to examine the books left inside or add their own. The urban library volumes up to 100 at a time. Being a great example of DIY urban and utilization of biodegradable materials, which treated properly can become part of the furniture, the city takes a socio- cultural use and establish a fulfilment that goes beyond the visual.



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