A thousand reused doors


South Korean artist and self-described “intruder” Choi Jeong-Hwa took 1,000 doors of every colour and affixed them to a skeleton of a 10-story building in Seoul. About his trash-to-treasure aesthetic, which permeates most of his work, Jeong-Hwa says, “Some people call it installation art, but to me it’s more like messing around.” And: “Just how kimchi tastes different to everyone, it’s the same with art.” See the doors in better detail below.



3 thoughts on “A thousand reused doors

  1. Holy cow thats incredible, usually when most people think of reusing doors or doors in general this is kind of the last thing that you would think of. But I have to say that it is truly creative in its own way. How long did it take from start to finish for the whole project?


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