London Shop Fronts

Like other global cities, London is slowly being taken over by high street brands such as Top Shop, Zara, M&S, Tesco, Office… It’s a shame because the smaller independent shops really bring character to a neighbourhood.

Emily Webber takes a lot of pleasure in photographing some of London’s more interesting shop fronts.

A very interesting research project, simple & elegant called London Shop Fronts.

It is interesting to have a look.



2 thoughts on “London Shop Fronts

  1. I liked this blog post and also Emilys site. A chap in Sheffield set up a similar blog after he was inspired by hers. In fact he was so inspired he called it Shop Fronts Of Sheffield! There is a link from his site to hers. He asked people to submit photographs of Sheffield shop fronts and at one time quite a few people became involved. I contributed a lot of images and had great fun taking the photographs. Isolating just one shop at a time is very different from shooting a whole street. You start to see things very differently. (Avoiding taking pictures yourself in the reflective windows can be a bit tricky!) I also enjoyed and valued meeting and spending time with the shop keepers. I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in photography or people interested in their community, town or city. Sadly the Sheffield site has not been updated since January . I think this is because the chap who was running it took on a new job and it made committing time to the blog more difficult for him. If you are interested to take a look then here is the link: Thanks and best wishes, Nigel.


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