Colour Jam

Jessica Stockholder  is a sculptor and installation artist who has played a crucial role in expanding the dialogue between sculpture and painting as well as between material form and architectural space.

Her genre-bending multimedia installations employ a wide-ranging aesthetic vocabulary that is idiosyncratic and unmistakably her own, including everything from household furniture and plastic consumer goods to construction materials. At the same time, her pieces often include broad swaths of paint that create areas of intense colour and delineate relationships to architectural spaces.

“Colour Jam” is the name of the installation and is a make-over of State and Adams streets in down-town Chicago. A flow of colours have landed on the concrete and are licking the surrounding building.

Orange, lime green and turquoise shapes seem to wait for the passers-by in the hope of lighten these often bleak faces. Jessica Stockholder hit again with what she does best – site-specific works that merge painting to a three dimensional element.

ART-PIE - Color Jam by Jessica Stockholder

ART-PIE - Color Jam by Jessica Stockholder

Below is a photo of another installation made also in Chicago in 2009 where brightly coloured plywood platforms and metal bleachers were assembled to turn a section of Madison Square Park in New York into an abstract painting, “Flooded Chambers Maid.” Children instantly appropriated it as a playground, and adults used it as an informal seating area.

ART-PIE - Flooded Chambers Maid by Jessica Stockholder


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