EMMA table

Raumlabor Berlin is an innovative German design firm, founded in 1999, that developed innovative and, most important, inclusive strategies of urban design: an effective example of their work be the project EMMA.

EMMA is a mobile social activator in the form of a table, built in a short time from old pallets, that grows and adapts as needed. EMMA will travel through the Mariannenquarter in Berlin-Kreuzberg for two years and will host in the courtyards of the neighbourhood several events (as collective cooking, football obstacle course, a variety of workshops, neighbourhood festivals, etc). The main aim of the project is to gather many people at the same table in order to confront about community issues.


The residents are involved in the design of EMMA yard tour and actions. Current or also perspective residents in the neighbourhood  institutions and stakeholders are given the opportunity to participate in the action and imagine (as announced guest) solutions to already implemented and funded projects. EMMA is also used to display and tell what’s going on in the neighbourhood  and carries it on. Outside specialists as well as experts will be invited at all events by the neighbourhood inhabitants.

Each action includes workshops with children and residents from the neighbourhood  With titles such as “gardens and open spaces in the city”, “EMMA large district plan” or “warriors course”, the workshops deal with the different aspects of life in Marianne district, its unique challenges and potentials.


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