Esto no es un solar

This vacant plot intervention program stems from the need of cross-breeding a couple of correlated and complementary initiatives that might seem apparently unrelated at first sight, the municipal employment plan by the Zaragoza mayoralty and a management commission from the same mayoralty to Zaragoza vivienda, the local state backed agency responsible of housing and planning policy.

The amount of the employment plan was of 1 million Euros, from which 700,000 Euros are to be used hiring workforce and the 300,000 left for the public works and material. This employment plan has been promoted by the Municipal Board of the Historic Centre, which has transferred its management to Zaragoza Municipal Housing Company.

Thanks to this job plan has been possible to hire a total of 41 people. The selection was made via the local employment agency by charging scales whose scores varied depending on the unemployment length  the number of unemployed persons in the household, experience and training.

The program has been championed by architect Patrizia Di Monte, who states, “It is the very first time that a program of this kind is being proposed at the national level. Its approach will be experimental and will have an important aspect of urban-sociological research, involving many neighbourhood associations, and we are preparing guidelines that will make this initiative a very creative project. The very name I have given to this program indicates a desire to change the identity of these spaces beyond their reality, this is not a parcel, this is not what you see, contemplate it with new eyes! “.

The initiative accounted for cleaning and fencing, adequacy of walls and plot reword for temporary public use (whose owner consents).



They are 38 workers, who are already part of the urban landscape of the Historic Centre  used to clean and rework as much plots as it is possible, with the “leit motiv” of moving from condition of private plot into a “transient” public space. That is, mutating from a “this is a plot” condition into a “this is not a plot” one.

Essentially, they conform a multidisciplinary team that distributes its task allocation based on the immediate needs of each place, so their permanence on those places are as transient and ephemeral as the spaces they are creating: Transient Public Use /100% Usable.

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2 thoughts on “Esto no es un solar

  1. This reminds me of what architects can do for us and why we need them. I studied architecture so I could solve urban problems and create community, but what I found after leaving school was not so inspiring. Thank you for making a difference.


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