Port Vila, Vanuatu

An amazing & simple project carried out by Rone, who went to Vanuatu and ask for permission to paint a wall with some local kids.

As he says, “there was no real plan to this, I just asked if I could paint this wall and I thought it would be great to get the kids to help”.

At first, he marked up the outlines and was surrounded by the local kids so some brushes were given to them and they all together started working.

“It was hectic with so many people to paint the same thing but it was an incredible opportunity to meet and work with people from a different culture”.

Word spread fast about the wall and at one stage there were more than 50 people watching them painting, even the local newspaper went down.

A very clever and simple piece of art. Some of the artists who help painting the wall were Sarau, Ramsei, Trokpa, Antony, Taumae, Cassandra, Sarrin, Kallfow, Kalsaf, Brownie, Joshua, Henry, Brenden, Nya, Silou, Steven, Ton, John, Calov, Frank, Mano, Katia, Winnie, Larrisa, Morine, Sunita, Calof, Alice, Matt, Lucy, Ella, Furutan.

PC310543.jpgPC310544.jpgPC310545.jpgPC310551.jpgPC310552.jpgPC310569.jpgPC310576.jpgP1020605.jpgP1020610.jpgP1020614.jpgP1020624.jpgP1020626.jpgP1020629.jpg  P1020640.jpg


photo copy 3.jpg


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