Colonia Las Américas, a community art project in Mexico

From the bridges connecting  Avenida 5 de Febrero  with el Boulevard Bernardo Quintana, the houses of Colonia las Américas can be seen covered with drenched colours. This was part of a project called “Colonias Comparte”  proposed by the Proart Foundation, through the Second Congress of the Institute for Creativity , Culture , Arts and Development ( ICCAD ) in conjunction with the Spanish collective Boa Mistura.


Last November 2013 they began to intervene the façades of the houses, under the direction of the 5 young artists from Boa Mistura, who were invited to participate in this project. As they mention, “Proyecto Las Américas has been a pilot experience for a bigger project, where art will be the excuse and at the same time, a driving force of a process for a positive transformation of a neighbourhood”.

Prior to starting with the artistic intervention, Boa Mistura,  settled in a house in the Colonia Las Américas to know the place and the people who live in the area. This two week project counted with the participation of the neighbours as well as other inhabitants of the city of Querétaro; People were helping not only painting the façades but making coffee, paying electricity or finding places to get more paint. Working days began at eight o’clock and continued until evening fell.

This first stage took them over more than 30 houses of two blocks from the Colonia de las Américas, at the City of Santiago de Querétaro Their next goal is to paint the whole neighbourhood in order to beautify the area and strengthen its landscape and identity.

Proyecto Las Américas, fase piloto

boa1 d de fa fac



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