Temporary-in-nature artwork uncovers a treasure of symbolism

When people say life is colourful, they mean life has all shades of emotions. Colours are present in nature and they uncover a treasure of symbolism.

In India, thousands of people celebrate HOLI, the festival of colour, which hold great significance as there is a sense of merriment and inclusion to the whole event. The festival is also a celebration of the start of Spring and involves people throwing coloured powder and water at each other. Everyone is welcomed to take part of it forgetting divisions of age, gender or social status.

The use of colours is nothing but an expression of faith and belief. And for a country that is known for its spiritual consciousness, almost everything and anything has a profound meaning.

Char Evans, a British Eco artist and visionary of EcoArt Installations, has recently done a beautiful installation at the Bamboo centre in the village of Auroville using colour, recycled materials and tones of creativity focussed on environmental sustainability.

The temporary-in-nature artwork was focused on exploring creative potential, raising awareness of ecological issues such as waste management and corporate responsibility within the local community.

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This project has made use of natural materials such as bamboo, leaves, flowers, rice powder, shells and turmeric. Also, they have used recycling materials like bicycle tyres, wheels, washing machine drums, telephones, clocks, shoes, cartons, cans, computer key boards and mesh. “Rubbish” is not any more understood as waste as it becomes  the most precious treasure.

This fantastic intervention was the result of the creative collaboration of over 100 people, involving local and international artists and the local community, over a period of around three months.

Balasundaram Ponnusamy and the Kolam Artists of the Bamboo Centre, Mohanam Cultural Centre, Yatra Srinivassan of Yatra Multimedia, Catherine Starostenko, Gaia Harvey Jackson of StampCollective and Joe Iredale of HalfCut, Reda Radi, Cosmo Brahman, AuroTejas Hemsell and her dance troupe, Einat Ran, Kwizera Samuel, Gosha Bury, Axel Carlstrand, Sri Kolari, Rommain Timmers, Madhu Jayamoorthi, Balazs Virag, Balazs Budai, Lili Almassy, Osiva of Yatra Arts Foundation, Prakash Sathiyatharan, Gorka Salas, Marutham Cultural Centre, Kottakarai Cultural Centre and Mala Dev of New Creation were some of the artists and organisations involved.

Looking at the brighter side, it gives me an impression that the artist has tried to create her vision of a colourful & beautiful world which forms a peaceful city or probably a global village, where everyone is welcomed.

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