A team of multidisciplinary designers built an interesting sculpture called “Resonet”; it takes its name from the combination of resonance and network as it is an interactive light sculpture that illuminates the public realm in response to vibration stimuli.


Its web structre is supended in a tree canopy and drapes above the public realm like a vortex.
Two illuminated rings support a network of vibration sensors and LED nodes that are fixed at some key intersections on the tensile web, where these nodes detect vibrations produced by human and natural activity.

By being just the sway of a tree or a passing car, the energy is transformed into light that resonates across the structure, and whilst the rings provide a constant flow for passers-by, ‘Resonet’ bursts to life shining brighter depending on the strength of the vibration.

The aim of this project was to explore the boundaries between nature, art, architecture and technology to create physical and ephemeral conditions.


Resonet was exhibited in the Baitasi Hutong District during Beijing Design Week.

Have a look here if you want to know how Resonet works and looks once suspended in the tree canopy.

+VIA: here


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