Urban Growth Pains

{FAVEL issues}

Post by Marines Pocaterra

In formation of cities the upgrade process to improve infrastructure happened in several generations thus consolidating urban structure because the slower pace of urbanization allowed learning and social organization to tag along.

Today’s pace in urban development requires big investments and has huge influence in environment. In 3 decades from today more than 2.5 billion people will become new urbanites, needing shelters, supplies, services, energy and water.

Several urban investigators assure the urban footprint is presently growing even faster than population and this by accommodating mainly poor rural migrants. (1)

It seems to me, new urban sectors have always been occupied by poor people in search of a better future; they are willing to adapt to harsh conditions because they believe in an urban future. If they keep believing, they can help make positive changes; but if they stop believing they’ll become uncomfortable residents and a…

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